high school spainMUSLIM students lack access to Islamic education in Spain.

A massive 90% of Muslim students enrolled in Spanish schools have no access to Islamic religion classes, according to a Union of Islamic Communities report.

In total, there are 275,324 Muslims students in Spain – making up almost 4% of the Spanish population.

However nine out of 10 Islamic education teachers are unemployed across the country, while on average there are only two Islamic education teachers to every 6,000 Muslim students.

The majority of Muslims in Spain are from Morocco although there is a significant number of Pakistanis and Senegalese Muslims in Barcelona, Valencia and Logrono.



  1. In all probability they could obtain Islamic education in an Islamic county. Last time I heard, Spain was a catholic country. Do the Islamic countries even allow any other religion to be taught in their schools? Not in my experience of living & working for many years in Islamic countries in fact in some to even practice any religion other than Islam, is not even permitted by law.

  2. In my nephew’s class of 25 in Andalusia, there are nine students of Moroccan origin and one from further south in Africa, possibly Senegal. I suppose that the Ayuntamiento will eventually have to provide after-school madrassahs.

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