THE world’s first international halal tourism conference is set to be held in Granada on Monday September 22. 

Spain will welcome over 300 delegates from across the world to discuss one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry, as Andalucia seeks to become more ‘Muslim friendly’.

Halal tourism – a phrase coined to refer to the specific travelling habits and expectations of Muslim tourists – is valued at €108 billion and is expected to grow to €149 billion by 2020.

The two day event which is being sponsored by Turkish Airlines, Spanish Tourism Board and Granada Tourism Board will bring together hotel groups, tour operators and tourism marketers from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, France and UK.

Organiser Tasneem Mahmood, Director of CM Media, stressed the importance and influence of the conference saying it will ‘shape the halal tourism agenda across the world’.

He added: “The level of insight and expertise that will be gathered at this conference is an indication of just exactly how important halal tourism has become to the economy of every country.

“This diversity of our delegates also shows how countries across the world, whether they are Muslim or not, can take advantage.”

After the conference, a two-day tour of Andalucia aims to show how the region has already adapted to accommodate for an increase in Muslim tourists.




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