UNIMPRESSED: Blogger Gabbie

A MALAGA restaurant owner has spoken out after a British vegan blasted his salad on Twitter. 

“We are not a vegetarian restaurant, never mind vegan,” the owner of the Bahia eatery Ruben Gómez explained to press.

“At the entrance to our restaurant we have a counter full of different cuts of steak, but we make every effort to ensure our vegetarian and vegan clients are well served.”

It comes after British blogger Gabbie Jarvis’s tweet of her ‘minimalist’ tomato and onion salad went viral (above).

The tweet, which she has now deleted, received at least 1,100 replies, 16,000 retweets and 61,000 likes.


The salad menu at the Bahía restaurant.
The salad menu at the Bahía restaurant.


But Gomez has claimed the photo doesn’t reflect what actually happened that night at his restaurant in Fuengirola, which has been open for 26 years.

“We told them that we did not have dishes that were strictly vegan,” says Gómez.

“But that we could prepare any dish using a mix of ingredients that are on the menu.”

Jarvis’s sister wanted ¡a vegetable pizza, but it was not suitable as eggs were used in the dough.

It was suggested she choose various ingredients to create a salad to her liking, but instead she chose one of the options on the menu.

“It is our simplest salad,” says Gómez. “It also usually has garlic but we’ve found that a lot of foreigners don’t like it very much, so we didn’t put it in. Customers usually order this salad as an side, not as a main dish. But it was the dish she chose – she could have ordered another salad.”

Gomez added that there were dozens of ingredients she could have added.


The blogger has now shut down her Twitter account altogther.

She is said to have claimed she was not at Bahía that night, despite the evidence suggesting otherwise.

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  1. obviously has no taste, onion and tomato salad with olive oil and salt on is delicious.
    why dont the brits stop complaining about spanish food which is far better than british food.
    I have been back in the uk 5 years now and tried many many restaurants and can say that the food is awful.
    I have been having a field day on trip advisor. when we come over to spain I love mercadona amd want to buy loads. I miss spain so much and love the food.

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