BEACHGOERS got a surprise yesterday when a rubber dinghy full of migrants arrived on an Andalucian beach.

The group, suspected to be undocumented migrants, arrived the shores of Cadiz as onlookers quickly got out their phones to capture the moment.

A clip shared on Twitter shows around two dozen suspected migrants flee the boat as it reaches the shores of Playa de los Alemanes.

Carlos Sanz, who was on the beach, said the group quickly vanished and the police only arrived some time later.

It comes as Spain announced it was closing its border on Ceuta after a policeman broke his thigh bone when more than 200 migrants stormed into Spain earlier this week.

Ceuta’s government delegate Nicolás Fernández Cucurull blamed a security failure in the surveillance of the border.

A spokesman from the immigration centre said: “It’s not our problem and we’re not going to solve it.

“It is a problem for the European Union because the autonomous cities are the way to enter the continent.

“Often these people go to countries like France or Germany.”

He said the EU does not pay attention to Ceuta because it is outside the Schengen area, which has abolished border control between EU nations.

The week-long agreement with the Moroccan authorities involves closing the border crossing ‘Tarajal’.

Ceuta is home to 85,000 people, measures just seven square miles and lies just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.


(Video courtesy of Associated Press).


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