SECURITY barriers have gone up in Mallorca in the wake of the Barcelona terror attack, which killed 13 and injured 100.

THREAT: Palma puts up anti-terror barriers

Barcelona police also said a blast on Wednesday night in Alancar deprived the jihadists of material to use in a much bigger outrage.

Meawhile, police believe the man they suspect of mowing down pedestrians on Las Ramblas may have been killed when police shot dead five suspects in Cambrils.

“We think they [the suspects in Alcanar] were preparing at least one or more attacks in Barcelona,” said a Catalan police official.

“The explosion took out some of the material they were counting on to carrying out even bigger attacks than the ones that happened.

“Because of that the attacks were carried out in a more rudimentary way than the one initially planned.”

Following the atrocities on the mainland, barriers have been placed in Palma’s Calle San Miguel, Plaza de España y en la Playa de Palma.

The additional measures come after Balearic officials beefed up beefed up security last Christmas in the wake of the Berlin market terror outrage.

“We have left this matter in the hands of professionals who know where [putting the barriers] is convenient and where it isn’t,” said the Balearic government’s Maria Salom.

“In the Balearic Islands we are always active with security and I trust in our security forces.”

It has also emerged that one police officer shot dead four of the five terror suspects in Cambrils.

The Mossos agent saw the terrorists, armed with knives, machetes and axes, crash their Audi into a colleague.

A fifth attacker ran off and stabbed a passerby before he too was shot dead.

The Queen has sent a message of condolence from the UK, with Theresa May confirming British citizens were caught up in the Bacrelona outrage.



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