A NOTORIOUS Mallorca crime gang believed to have stolen up to €10 million has been arrested in an ‘unprecedented’ police operation.

The Los Lobato clan are thought to be behind 400 armed robberies against businesses and houses on the island.

Some 100 Guardia Civil officers targeted the gang in Operation Ciconia, which started last week.

So far, ten people have been arrested after raids on Llucmajor, Inca, Lloret de Vistalegre and Palma de Mallorca as the gang prepared a new robbery.

On Tuesday, it was announced officers had so far uncovered €11,145 in cash, jewels and tools for carrying out robberies.

“This has been an investigation without precedent in the Balearic Islands,” a Guardia Civil spokesperson said.

“Those arrested made up a criminal group under a strict hierarchy and each member had a different role.”

Some of the gang were specialists at cracking safes, while others deactivated alarm systems.

Different members acted as scouts monitoring their victims’ movements, police said.

The Guardia Civil had been monitoring the group’s movements for months before last week’s operation was launched, locating caches where stolen goods were stored.

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  1. We are lucky enough to have had a small holiday finca in the middle of the island for 18 years. I love the Mallorca and Spanish people and the whole culture and weather here. However we were done over three years ago just like the scenario discribed above when family were enjoying their holiday. I now believe folks like us are targeted when the house is occupied because all the goodies are there for being swiped. We were strongly advised to have a CCTV security system installed and security firm. So far so good. Please folks, it is worth having a back up security system to deter theses blighters. It does not stop me loving Spain and it’s people. Finally the Fiestas in Mallorca are awesome! Thank you Spain.

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