Puerto Banus

SPANISH police are investigating the alleged rape of a British tourist who claims a Costa del Sol taxi driver took her to an abandoned wasteland before forcing himself on her.

The holidaymaker claims the unidentified driver picked her up in Puerto Banus at around 4am on Sunday, after she decided to leave friends following a night of partying.

But instead of taking her to her hotel, the driver took her to a deserted plot of land and raped her, according to the victim’s statement.

She has been unable to give police a proper description of the man, or any detailed information about the car he was driving, including his taxi number.

Police have so far revealed few details about their ongoing investigation, although sources described the holidaymaker as British and said she was in her twenties.

She is thought to have flown back home since reporting the incident while police continue their hunt for the suspect.

Police insiders say they are taking her complaint ‘very seriously’ and have described her as being in a ‘state of shock’ when she informed them what had happened.

A spokesman for Policia Nacional said: “We are investigating a complaint of a sexual attack.

“We are not giving out any details about the complainant for obvious reasons. All I can say is that she is foreign.”



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