POLICE from Spain’s Civil Guard have occupied the Centro de Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologias de la Información (CTTI) in Barcelona in an attempt to shut down it’s electronic services which were set to be used in Sunday’s referendum.

The command was given by the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Cataluña, the highest active Spanish court in Catalunya.

The Centro de Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologias de la Información in Barcelona

The Civil Guard also blocked a further 29 electronic applications which they believed were being utilized by organisers of the Catalonian referendum.

Individuals across Catalonia had reported that access to many websites related to the Si movement had been censored or even banned this week.

The influential news platform Help Catalonia had four of its Twitter accounts shut down, from which it had been attempting to share news of intimidation from the Spanish Government and the police across Catalonia.

Internet giants Google also deleted an app which had been used to direct voters to nearby polling stations.

Phone users in the region who try to download the app from Google Play have received a message saying it is no longer available locally.

Google commented that they are complying with a recent court order.



  1. We are now visibly seeing historic Spanish central dictatorial policy in action. Spanish politicians have never learned that power comes from the peoples’ support – not from threats of military police violence and oppression.

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