The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Catalunya (TSJC) have vowed that due to the inactivity of the Catalonian Police – the Mossos d’Esquadra – during the Catalan referendum, they “will face criminal consequences.”


The TSJC believes that the Mossos acted like a “political police” during today’s referendum and failed to take adequate action to stop the vote taking place.

IN TROUBLE: Members of the Mossos help a gentleman to the polling station this morning

“The culprits of this inaction should feel ashamed and take an example of the professionalism that the National Police and the Civil Guard are demonstrating,” the prosecution said.

The Mayor of the Mossos, Josep Lluís Trapero, had been told by the TSJC that all of the schools occupied by pro-independence sit-ins must be broken up by 6am this morning.

This was not achieved with the Mossos allowing activists to continue as they were behaving in an entirely peaceful manner.

A video emerged this morning of the Spanish Guardia Civil threatening members of the Mossos with Spanish citizens coming to the stricken policeman’s aid.

A further video showed members of a sit-in presenting Mossos police with a bouquet of roses to thank them for their peaceful co-operation.

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