TWO earthquakes have been recorded on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands this morning.

The first hit the island at 6.38am at 25 kilometres deep and the magnitude four quake was felt from residents over in Adeje, Arona and San Miguel who were quick to call emergency services.

The second arrived 20 minutes later, however it was much weaker registering 1.5 and was 18 kilometres deep.

A resident from Los Cristianos in Tenerife felt the shockwaves as he was getting up saying ‘the bed was shaking for a couple of seconds and we heard the window rattle.’

According to the National Geographic Institute these tremors have added to the total since last Saturday bringing it to 50 recorded quakes in Cumbre Vieja.

A scientific team is on the island keeping track of the tremors while the Government of the Canary Islands has had to activate Pevolca, an emergency committee monitoring volcanic phenomena.

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