MALAGA rugby team has teamed up with local NGOs to help the homeless and disadvantaged.

Every month, players from Club de Rugby Malaga help local charities by volunteering in food kitchens and collecting clothes.

New head of the club’s philanthropic committee Hamilton Bone, 30, said the team, which plays in the upper tier of the Spanish Regional Leagues, felt obliged to help out.

“Everyone is always included in rugby and we would like to extend that value to the wider community in Malaga,” Bone told the Olive Press.

“We are THE rugby club here in Malaga and therefore it should be our responsibility.”
The team kicked things off by lending a helping hand to Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche, an NGO providing clothing and food for disadvantaged.


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The players have volunteered in the charity’s food kitchen, preparing lunches and serving food on Sundays, the busiest day of the week.

The club also responded to an emergency call from the NGO and collected an incredible 60 kilos of clothing and nappies over one weekend for impoverished infants starting school.   

“People are starting to understand that we are just not athletes and we are people too.
“We want to be role models that children can look up to and we should be role models to each other,” Bone concludes.   

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