FORTY suspects have been arrested in connection with a sex-trafficking ring covering Andalucia, the Basque country and Castilla la Mancha. 

Most of the detained are of Nigerian origin and stand accused of trafficking and sexually exploiting dozens of women, many of them minors.

According to an Alicante court, thirteen victims in Almeria were forced to prostitute themselves in caves, which is where police rescued them from.

The suspects have had their passports taken from them and they will present themselves to the court every week before they face trial.

Judge Juana López says the group are charged with being part of a criminal organization, human trafficking and induction to prostitution and money laundering.

The arrests were carried out in Alicante city, Torrevieja and in the municipalities of Vera and Roquetas de Mar in Almeria.

The maneuver has resulted in thirteen arrested who will be taken into custody tomorrow.

The detainees, almost all of Nigerian origin, are suspected of exploiting the Nigerian women sexually.

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