BULLFIGHTERS can kill again on Mallorca.

The ban on killing bulls in the ring was short lived

It comes after the constitutional court suspended the Balearic law against the mistreatment of animals, which was approved last July. But now the law, which banned bulls being killed during bullfights and disallowed minors from fighting, has been found to be ‘unconstitutional’.

The government’s appeal says the regional law violates certain aspects of state laws on intangible heritage and bullfighting. They argue the Balearics do not have the authority for creating laws for specific animal protection.

The suspension of the law comes after an appeal was filed in November. Within five months, the courts have to make a decision on the case, either granting the appeal and allowing bulls to be killed in the ring or finding the ban constitutional.

Other benefits of the law that are no longer enforced include heath checks on the animals after a fight, time limits and limitations on numbers of animals involved.

The Balearic government has assured people that they ‘protect their decision’ and will defend the law before the courts.

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