THE UK government has suffered a humiliating defeat over Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

MPs will now have to vote to approve any deal made between Britain and the EU.

More to follow…


  1. The rebels who voted down the Brexit bill should be voted out of Parliament. They may not like the fact but the British people voted to leave the EU – and leave we must! Democracy MUST rule. It is lack of democracy within the EU that resulted in the “out” vote.

  2. Britain has a PARLIAMENTARY democracy. In other words, we vote for representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Referendums are strictly advisory and not legally binding. Therefore, frothing about “democracy” on this subject is like saying headlines in the Mail should influence our Government. (Although, disgracefully, they often do.) If this idea to leave the EU had been put to Parliament, the whole thing would now be in the dustbin of history, as a majority of MPs are in favour of remaining. While the disaster continues to unfold, even staunch Tory MPs are rebelling against their own party’s idiocy.

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