A SPANISH grandmother has said she is ‘born again’ after surviving a horrific bus accident.

Adela, 63, was hit by a bus in Aldaia before being dragged for a kilometre without the driver realising.

She fractured her pelvis, broke two ribs, and is covered in bruises, but miraculously survived.

The accident happened on Saturday at 7.30pm, as a storm began to take hold over the town in Valencia.

No one was on the street because of the bad weather, so no one saw her being dragged by the vehicle.

The driver had hit the woman with the front of the bus, and her coat belt had somehow become trapped between the two front wheels.

“I was on a zebra crossing but the driver just did not see me,” she recalled from hospital, ahead of her shoulder surgery, “he ran me over and just kept going.”

She was dragged for a kilometre before the bus stopped at a red light and a passenger heard her screams and told the driver to stop.

“I was wishing it would end, stop and someone would see me, I just kept screaming,” added Adela.

“When they took me out from under the bus the driver went white, not even the police believed that I had been dragged for such a long distance.

“This girl who raised the alarm stayed until the ambulance arrived and told me not to sleep, not to close my eyes.

“What happened I do not wish it to anyone.

“I ended up with my legs on my head, folded like a sandwich, that is how I broke my pelvis.

“I’m born again, I guess I was not supposed to die that day.”


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