Malaga at night

MALAGA will not grant any more licences for bars and will crackdown on music-playing hours.

More than 100 streets will be affected by the new rules set to be introduced by the town hall after they were initially approved this morning.

The opening of new hotel or bar establishments in the affected zones will be suspended for one year.

The closing times of bars or establishments with outdoor terraces will be cut by one hour, from at 2am to 1am.

This time limitation will only be from Monday to Friday, so that weekends can continue closing at 2:00.

The time limitation will also not apply in the summer months or during the Christmas, Holy Week, Fair or Carnival periods.

Establishments with music should work with the doors and windows closed from midnight onwards and businesses must designate a person responsible for guaranteeing this measure.

At closing time, establishments must stop all music and stop serving or allowing more people inside.

The venue must be emptied within 20 minutes.

The measures must now be approved in the February plenary session before it enters the debate stage.

The government team estimates that by April it will be finally approved and ready to go into effect for a period of one year.

The streets declared ‘acoustically saturated’, are mostly located in the historic centre and the area of ??El Romeral in Teatinos. The areas are shaded in blue in the following map of the Center:


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