VILE: ISIS soldiers

AN alleged jihadist accused of planning a van attack allegedly told wannabe terrorists to ‘kill six or seven Spaniards if they cannot make it to Syria’. 

It comes after the yet-to-be-named Moroccan, 45, was arrested in Terrassa, Catalunya.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the suspect was keen to execute an attack similar to the mass killing in La Rambla, Barcelona, that left 16 people dead and at least 130 injured last year.

Police say they have now brought about the ‘early neutralisation’ of a potential threat by arresting the 45-year-old man who was allegedly radicalised by ISIS videos.

It is believed he encouraged jihadis who can’t make it to Syria to kill ‘six or seven Spaniards’ instead.

He described himself as ‘another mujahideen’ and said he regretted not going to Syria to fight on behalf of the sick terror cell ISIS.

Cops said the suspect dressed in a western-style and gave no obvious signals that he had been radicalised.

Investigators say he repeatedly watched videos of jihadis fighting in Syria.

He referred to them martyrs who ‘have won heaven’.

Police accuse the man of watching disturbing videos of children carrying out executions whilst chanting Allah’s name.

He is accused of sharing the videos with people around him, inviting them to become ‘true Muslims’ and to travel with him to Syria.

The investigation continues.

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