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It’s time to forget all about February, writes Natalie Rose Kern

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COLUMNIST: Natalie Rose Kern

GOOD gracious, February was a dull month.

Mornings are cold, dark and dreary. Writing work is scarce, the landlord is chasing, clients aren’t paying and the bills are piling up.

I can’t help but laugh at the unglamorousness of my so-called ‘glamorous Marbella life’, as I return home from the school run one morning and begin layering jumper upon jumper, a scarf and a wooly hat, before sitting down at my desk to write.

Andalucian properties were built to keep cool during the blistering summer heat, but I’m not quite sure what they intended for us to do during the winter… especially as ours was built without a fireplace!

In a bid to keep warm, The Monkey and I have resorted to waddling about the apartment in everything but our skiing goggles — like giant Michelin men — and then peeling off layers each time we leave the house.

The child has also introduced me to the video game Just dance and we’ve been spending the chilly evenings engaged in vigorous dance battles, which are proving to be excellent entertainment — as well as a great way to keep fit and warm — but goodness knows what the neighbours think of the thudding and banging about!

So far we’ve managed to keep the dreaded flu that is doing the rounds at bay. I like to think that it’s my homemade concoctions of echinacea, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, honey and lemon to thank for keeping The Monkey and I fighting fit, as friends, office and classmates drop like flies around us, and I can’t help but rejoice at the hat-fulls of lemons we return home with each time we go out walking.

Country and beach walks have certainly been the highlight of February, as beaches are delightfully deserted and whether it’s blustery or baltic, they are no less beautiful. Rambles into the countryside are just as enthralling, as lemons, oranges and avocados are growing abundantly and more often that not we return laden with goodies.

Of course, for most, Valentine’s Day was the climax of the month (no pun intended!)
For me, it was a Wednesday.

Anticipating a card-less, flower-less, chocolate heart-less day, I found myself becoming unusually cynical and scoffing at the hype and ridiculousness of this commercial celebration; I was a veritable Valentine’s Day Scrooge.

As the morning of V. Day arrived though, it occurred to me that perhaps the child had a sweetheart he might like to give a card to.

“Hey Monkey, do you want to make any Valentine’s Day cards before school?”
He scrunched up his face, pulled out his tongue and grimaced.
“No? Are there no girls at school that you fancy?”
He pondered for a moment and then turned to me, serious.
“Well, there is ONE person I’d like to make a Valentine’s card for… Mrs T*****”
“Oh!” I exclaimed, surprised, “Is she your new favourite teacher then?”
He shook his head and looked up at me with big somber eyes,
“No, Mummy. She’s got cancer back.”

And there it was. Love at its purest.
No glitter-covered, chocolate dipped commercial romance. My faith in love was restored.
I took my writing out onto the terrace and discovered that when she sun is shining, February is utterly glorious!

And so the office has now been moved outside and I am finally beginning to thaw out… Roll on spring!

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