A TWISTED waitress in Spain who killed a cat in a washing machine and filmed the incident on Instagram is facing jail.

The 23-year-old is currently under police investigation after bragging about drowning the animal on social media.

She is said to have carried out the sickening act after the animal attempted to mate with her female pet cat while it was on heat.

The waitress, originally from Jaen, was working in Villarrubia de los Ojos, in Castilla La Mancha when she targeted the defenceless feline.

Political party, PACMA, has condemned the act in which the waitress subjected the cat to two washing cycles and added detergent.

The woman can be heard saying in the video: “He seems like he’s still meowing…. For what reason do cats have seven lives? Son of a b****.”

In animal abuse cases such as this, the perpertrator can face a penalty of up to a year and a half in prison, PACMA said on their website.

The investigation continues.

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