TOWIE stars Gemma Collins and James Argent have bought a home on the Costa del Sol in preparation for starting a family. 

It comes after the reality TV couple decided to make an official ‘serious go of things’ last month following years of on and off dating.


Gemma, 37, said: “I’ve made no secret of the fact I really want kids so I don’t think we’ll wait too long before trying for a family.

“But before we start trying I want to get my health in order.

“I’ve already lost a stone and I want to keep looking after myself so I’m in the best possible position to get pregnant when the time is right.”

She added: “You’re going to need lots of energy, James, we’ll have to have sex morning, noon and night when we’re trying!”

The couple have bought a home in Marbella to live in together during the summer and want to start a family.

During last night’s episode of TOWIE, Gemma and Arg visited the bank to open up a joint account.

Gemma revealed in the episode: “Part of the reason for going to Spain is for me to relax my body to prepare it for a baby,” she said.

A shocked Arg said: “Really?!”

“Oh shut up James, you know that,” Gemma reprimanded him.

“No I don’t,” he insisted.

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