TWO men have been arrested for carrying out armed robberies in Estepona. 

The 23 and 25 year old Spaniards burst into at least two homes last month donning wigs and hoodies.

They were armed with a gun and knives and fled the scenes using their victims’ cars.

One of the victims was approached while sleeping.

Three men woke her up – one of them with a kitchen knife in his hand – and took her under to the living room.

There they snatched the phone, disconnected the telephone line from home and started to rob what they could.

After taking money, jewelry and a television, they demanded the pin of her bank card, before leaving in her car.

A day later, in a nearby house, the second assault took place.

The resident left his home after hearing a noise outside, where he was surprised by three male individuals, one of them carrying a firearm.

They threatened him and forced him to enter his home.

Once inside they punched him in the chest and held him with his wife while they searched the property. They took cash, a camera and bank cards and stole his SUV.

Police stopped one of the suspects in Algeciras (Cádiz), who was driving the stolen SUV.

The second of the stolen cars has been recovered in Algeciras.

Inside the vehicle was the television stolen during one of the robberies.

The investigation continues.

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