UNIONS in Spain have accused Amazon of firing more than 100 workers because they went on strike for better working conditions.

The CGT labour condemned the US company’s largest logistic centre in Spain and said the move to not renew the temporary workers’ contracts was politically motivated.

Workers first went on strike on March 21 and 22, but some turned up to work out of fear of reprisals.

Now, just days before the next strike, more than 100 employees at the San Fernando de Henares centre, near Madrid, have been let go.

Employees have also complained that the company usually gives an early notice when there’s going to be layoffs, but that this time ‘silence reigned.’
“Not Friday night, not Saturday, neither Sunday: it’s been this morning (Monday). The Whatsapp groups are on fire because our colleagues have been confirming their dismissals,” one worker said.

In their defense, the e-commerce firm said they hire temporary workers to handle high demand seasons, and then turn their contracts into permanent ones if possible.

“Precisely due to this seasonal nature, it’s not possible to turn all contracts into indefinite ones. “Since the beginning of our operations in Spain, we have turned hundreds of temporary contracts into permanent ones,” said a spokesperson, adding that the mass firing happened due to a drop in demand.

But workers that have been in the company for a while argue that such layoffs are unusual for this time of year, dismissing Amazon’s ‘excuses’.

The employees claimed the company is trying to cheapen labour, eliminate guarantees for a salary increase and get rid of protection clauses in case of temporary disability.
Workers are now planning strikes on the company’s busiest days, including Black Friday.


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