ANDY Warhol’s work is coming to the Costa del Sol.

A special curated exhibition at Museo Picasso in Malaga will showcase the complex artistic production of one of the biggest names in art history.

The show will centre on the development of Warhol’s legacy during his career.

It will demonstrate the ‘repetitive, schematizing and contrived nature of Andy Warhol’s visual works’ that the artist has explored and exhibited for more than three decades ‘through his feverish creative activity.’

Entitled Warhol. Mechanical Art, the exhibition will show off the iconic pieces that made his career one of the most succesful in the 20th century, including Campbell’s Soup Cans.

There will be almost 400 pieces on display, including his paintings, sculptures, drawings, silkscreen paintings, installations, artist books, films, record sleeves, posters, magazines, designer objects and photographs.

Every piece has been sourced on loan from 45 different sources.

Warhol was the master and creator of pop art, creating iconic portraits of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Jackie Kennedy.

His work has remained popular and worth millions to this day.

Andy Warhol’s Mechanical Art is scheduled to be on view from May 31 through September 16.

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