MALAGUEÑO Antonio Banderas will feature in Pedro Almodovar’s next film alongside Penelope Cruz.

Dolor y Gloria will begin filming this July and is described as a film with male protagonists – in contrast to his last outing, Julieta – Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory) stars Banderas and Asier Etxeandía in the leading roles.

The film recounts ‘a series of meetings, some physical, others remembered decades later, of a film director now in his twilight years,’ according to Almodovar.

He added that it will encompass ‘the first loves, the second loves, the mother, mortality, an actor with whom the director worked, the 60s, the 80s, current times, and the emptiness, a sense of incommensurate emptiness, caused by the inability to go on making films.’

There is expected to be much speculation over how much the film is inspired by Almodovar’s own life.

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