Jody Sanders at a champagne spray party

THIS is the moment a British millionaire expat in Spain smashed through a shop window in his Rolls Royce.

Jody Sanders wrecked his €306,000 motor after reportedly getting his sandals caught on the pedals as he reversed up a road in Magaluf, Mallorca.

The car, containing two bikini-clad companions, crashed into a tobacco shop.

According to the Daily Mail, locals said he and the girls – believed to be South American – disappeared before police arrived to carry out a breathalyser test.

His Rolls Royce Dawn Coupe has now been impounded.

Sanders, from Warwickshire, regularly boasts of his wealth on social media, sharing snaps of himself drinking champagne at the wheel of a expensive car thought to be the one he crashed in.

Sanders, who also has a Lamborghini and Mercedes Sport, is believed to divide his time between the UK and Mallorca, where he has a luxury villa.

The manager of the shop Maria Mamen told the Daily Mail Sanders had called her to ask for the insurance details.

She said: “He was very polite and asked for the insurance details so he could start sorting things out with them.


“He said his foot had got caught under the pedals and he was very sorry for any problems he had caused.”


Another local told the Daily Mail: “We’re hearing he could be let off with a fine for dangerous driving and that will be the end of the matter as far as police are concerned.

“But it’s all hearsay at the moment. We’re not really sure what’s going on.”


Jose Martin, manager of a restaurant near the crash scene, told the same paper: “We saw the car pass a few minutes earlier.

“The man was driving and the music was blaring and two very pretty South American women were in bikinis dancing and taking selfies.

“They pulled into the car park of a supermarket that was closed just down the road and were sat there for around five minutes.

“The next minute there was this tremendous noise and the car reversed up the road at speed and hit the kerb just outside the restaurant terrace before spinning round and smashing into the tobacco shop next door.

“If he had hit the kerb a few seconds earlier we could have been looking at a major loss of life. There were about 20 people on the terrace at the time.

“I took the number plate of the car down and called police but by the time they arrived the driver and the two women were gone.

“They seemed initially to be in a state of shock and they were covered in glass from the broken shop window.

“They left the area on foot.”

A spokesman for Calvia Council has confirmed police were called to an incident in Puerto Portals on Sunday night.

Guardia Civil are still looking for Sanders and the two women he was with.



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