WHAT is the matter with my owners? Why don’t they understand all of the complicated thoughts that go on in a dog’s head?

They’re not bad on the food front to be fair, they do get the idea that I love going out for walks and they are quite good at playing with my toys.

However like many a dog loud noises frighten me – and this week has seen the local feria in our village of Benaoján.

If you have ever experienced a small village celebration you will probably be familiar with the concept of ‘cohetes’ – rockets that are fired high into the sky where they explode with a loud bang.

I am terrified of them and if they are around they will give me a hug and scratch my ears which helps to minimize the shock I feel.

I still tremble a lot but reassurance that all is not a disaster will minimize this.

The problem happens when they are out.  When I am left alone I do not know what to do with myself so usually just pace around. That is not great but it’s Ok if I can get outside.

This past week one evening they closed the front doors and left me inside.

I got so anxious to be with them that I decided the way to do that was to bite my way through the wooden door frame. I suppose with hindsight I shouldn’t have chewed both doors. I only destroyed a little bit, honest but I was upset.

How was I to know that the doors were new and, according to them, very expensive?  

I heard them talking about it – they’re going to have to get a carpenter in especially to repair them. They were very sympathetic with me actually and didn’t tell me off because they know how scared I get.

It won’t happen again as long as they take me with them when there are bangers going off – or when there are thunderstorms. Promise.

Eddie - The Hotel Dog

About Eddie - The Hotel Dog

Olive Press columnist Eddie the hotel dog is ‘em-barking’ on a great career – no bones about it. He resides at the Hotel Molino del Santo in Benaojan with owners Andy and Pauline.

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