HOTSPOT: Sevilla

TOURISTS in Andalucia are facing €3000 fines for any behaviour deemed ‘offensive’. 

It comes after a religious procession in Sevilla was interrupted by a hen do hitting each other over the heads with giant phallic inflatables.

Witnesses say worshippers asked the girls to leave but they refused and said they had a right to be there.

Now officers, who were forced to move the hen party on, have begun a crackdown that could see a penalty of €3,000 for ‘offensive behaviour’.

Officials slammed the hen party’s behaviour under Article 15 of the Spanish constitution.

The ruling outlaws the behaviour of those ‘that disparages the dignity of the people, as well as any discriminatory behaviour, whether it is xenophobic, racist, sexist or homophobic, or any other condition or personal or social circumstance, is prohibited in public spaces in writing or verbally, though insults or mocking.’

The ruling continues: “The organisers of any public act of a cultural, festive, recreational or sports nature, or of any other nature, shall ensure that the behaviours described in the previous sections do not take place during their celebration.”

It adds: “If, on the occasion of any of these acts, the aforementioned behaviours are carried out, the organisers must immediately inform the authorities.”

Police now have permission to fine between €700 and €3,000 to stag dos and hen dos caught offending others.


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