STILL MISSING: Lisa Brown disappeared in 2015

MISSING Scottish expat Lisa Brown’s ex has decided to appeal a Spanish judge’s shock ruling to release Simon Corner, the main suspect in the case.

Tony Tomillero, the father of Lisa’s only child Marco, is fighting Judge Garcia Ramila’s decision made in San Roque last month.

It comes after the judge shelved the two-and-a-half year investigation into the prime suspect and Lisa’s partner, Corner, despite the expat becoming a fugitive and absconding twice.  

Tomillero who is now the sole carer of their 11-year-old son has requested that his lawyer appeal the ruling.

Now Tomillero’s lawyer wants not only Liverpool-born Corner but also five others arrested for their alleged involvement in the case and to face prosecution should the appeal be accepted.

Currently Corner is free while the appeal is being considered.

RELEASED: Corner made bail after paying €10,000 last year

He is believed to still be on the Costa del Sol.

The €100,000 reward offered by Lisa’s family along with Crimestoppers for information on the case still remains in place.

Spanish police are still investigating the case regardless of the outcome of the appeal.

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