THE President of the Balearics has vowed to prevent airlines increasing their prices after new resident discounts look likely to come into force from July.

There are fears that as Balearic residents will be able to claim an increased 75% discount on flights between the islands and the mainland – the rate is currently 50% – airlines will simply bump up their prices to counter the price cuts.

This move could price out those not resident in the Balearics from visiting the mainland.
Francina Armengol has said she plans to meet with executives from leading airlines, such as Iberia, to ensure that prices remain the same.

Armengol will also request an explanation from airlines of how they expect to cope with lost revenue when the new law comes into force during peak season.

“We will transmit this vigilance of the government so that this increase in the discount ensures a reduction in the final price,” explained the Minister of Transport, Marc Pons.

Currently, the proposed discount does not cover ferry transport of the shipping of goods.

However, the President hopes to overturn this in time for July and has stated that she has the support of the major shipping companies in the Balearics.

While the new law has not been passed by the Spanish government yet, the authorities in Madrid have confirmed that it has their full support and they have already considered its impact in their recent economic forecast, believing it will cost €44 million.


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