EXPAT: Andy Mills

AT least one 4×4 car gets stolen by drug traffickers every DAY in the Campo de Gibraltar, police have revealed.

It comes after British expat Andy Mills, 60, had his Nissan Patrol stolen from outside his home in Los Barrios last weekend.

The semi-retired Brit called the Guardia Civil immediately after realising his car had vanished last Sunday.

Police found the vehicle abandoned and stuffed full of drugs days later in Sevilla.

“It was used for drug runs from La Linea,” Mills told the Olive Press. “It’s being examined by forensic investigators before they bring it back to me.”

Odd-job man Mills said he ‘couldn’t believe’ the difference in culture between Los Barrios and the Spanish village of Sedella in inland Malaga, where he used to live.

“The people here hardly look or talk to you and there’s been a noticeable increase in crime since we moved here,” he added.


“Police told me a 4×4 gets stolen by drug traffickers everyday in Los Barrios, I will definitely look into moving.”

Police confirmed that the vehicle had been found filled with drugs but declined to comment further.

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