THIS is the moment the ‘Narco King’ of southern Spain was caught.

Antonio Tejon Carrasco, one of the leaders of the biggest and most dangerous hashish drug trafficking cartel in La Linea, Los Castañas, was arrested at his home on Thursday morning.

Tejon returned home to find 100 police officers waiting for him.

The notorious drug dealer had already escaped officials a number of times previously.

He jumped from roof to roof in the neighbourhood of La Atunara – a labyrinth of winding, interconnected streets and small houses – which has become somewhat of a fortress for drug traffickers.

Eventually he went home to see the mother of his two children, Patricia Parody Cano, where he was greeted by police.

The youngest Tejon brother appeared yesterday at a court in La Linea.

ENJOYING LIFE: Antonio Tejon enjoys a jet ski ride

As he already has several arrest warrants and a pending prison sentence against him, the narco will reportedly go straight to jail without a trial.

The Campo de Gibraltar has been up in arms since brothers Antonio and Francisco returned after a brief exile in Morocco.

They managed to group together six gangs and form a successful international smuggling operation, which has played a huge part in the rising ‘narco crisis’ in Cadiz.

Officials have feared that the Campo is turning into a ‘small Colombia’, as the brothers have attempted to imitate methods used by Pablo Escobar.

Last summer alone Los Castañas imported almost 3,000 kilos of hashish.

Officials estimate it earnt the brothers around €30 million which they have buried in underground hideouts.

Despite being fugitives for almost two years in their home city, the Tejon brothers continued to grow the hashish business in the Campo de Gibraltar and live a life of luxury.

According to police, they have brought with them a rise in violence and brazen aggression against law enforcers.

The Guardia Civil are now setting their sights on brother Francisco and their fellow collaborators.

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