OVER 15 tonnes of jellyfish have been cleared from beaches along the Costa del Sol after thousands invaded the coastline last weekend.

The jellyfish began washing up ashore on Saturday from Velez-Malaga to Nerja and made their way down to Benalmadena.

Around 150 people have been stung over the past week along the coast, in what has been considered one of the worst invasions since 2012.

A man filming from a canoe can be heard in the video saying: “Incredible, they don’t even fit on top of each other.”

In Velez-Malaga alone, authorities removed around eight tonnes of the jellyfish identified as Pelagia Noctiluca.

Local councils’ beach cleaning services used tractors and boats to remove them from shallow water and beaches.

Although experts say there is no single explanation for the sudden invasion, it is thought to be related to heavy rainfall the coast has seen in recent months, with strong and heavy winds and a rise in sea temperature attracting jellyfish towards the shore.

The Junta de Andalucia advises applying ice to stings  and wash the affected area with a detoxifying agent such as vinegar but avoid doing so with a towel, paper towel or bare hands. In severe cases it is advised to seek medical attention.

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