SLAMMED: Spain agreed to an EU refugee quota in 2015

SPAIN has come under fire for not taking in enough asylum seekers, according to its EU commitment.

The Spanish Supreme Court has found the state guilty of not meeting a quota stipulated by the EU, ‘more than six months after the deadline expired’.

Spain had promised the European Council it would accept 19,500 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy between 2015 and 2017.

However, it took in just 2,500 – less than 13%.

In 2015 EU member states agreed to accept and share the 160,000 asylum seekers who had arrived over two years in Greece and Italy.

The court ruled that the country must ‘continue the procedure’ of taking in more refugees and did not hand down a punishment.

It accepted the task has been difficult as there had not been enough coordination between EU member states.

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