ANGERED: Bag of Coins

AFTER a legal case against a hotel in Gibraltar, a settlement has been awarded by paying a resident in a bag of coins.

Martyn Brown, who was using the hotel with a party of 10 for a New Years Eve celebration, challenged the hotel on ‘misrepresentation of goods’ and claimed the celebrations were a ‘nightmare.’

A legal case was subsequently launched by the Gibraltar legal arbitration court against the hotel and a settlement was reached for £745 but was paid in £1 coins, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p’s.

Angered Brown, said: “After over 30 years of patronage to this establishment, the hotel manager has barred my wife from the hotel.

“This will not stand. I will return this excessively heavy bag of coins and demand a cheque which is what the hotel should have done in the first place.”

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