HILLSIDE: Billowing Smoke

A LARGE fire has broken in Venta La Victoria in Casares as emergency services join together to help tackle the blaze.

A number of firemen have joined planes in an attempt to tackle the blaze between Casares and Estepona.

Val Anderson, who was in the area when the fire broke out, said: “Very thick smoke has clouded the sun at Laguna Village.

“People are moving under umbrellas and indoors as the ash continues to fall like flakes of snow.”

Billowing black smoke could be seen for miles with onlookers taking pictures at Casares beach.

Around a hundred people have been evacuated from their homes in Cabrerizas and Serrallo.

ONLOOKERS: Casares Beach

A total of 60 firefighters, four fire engines, eight helicopters, one cargo plane and two amphibious planes are continuing to tackle the fire.

Fire could be threatening to homes in Valle Romano, Bahia de Casares and Majestic Urbanisation.

The fire broke out around 4pm this afternoon.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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