TWO more ambulances and several police vehicles are now on the scene of a fire in a Costa del Sol apartment block. 

Incendio en Edificio Maicandil

Geplaatst door Manilva Ws op Woensdag 15 augustus 2018


Several people are being rescued from a balcony after a fire allegedly broke out in the maintenance room on the ground floor.

It is believed to have caused smoke to fill the stairwell of the entire block and the top floor apartment.

Witnesses claim residents became trapped on their balcony and began screaming for help before firefighters arrived with a cherry picker.

The fire is believed to have been brought under control and Guardia Civil have left the scene.

People are being treated at the scene but no one is believed to be seriously injured.

The building, Edificio Maicandil, is the tallest in Sabinillas and is just metres from the beach.


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