SICK posters encouraging tourists to jump off balconies have been spotted in various holiday destinations in Spain.

Stickers, posters and graffiti have been seen in Magaluf, Ibiza, Barcelona and Benidorm egging on holidaymakers to practice the dangerous activity known as balconing.

The craze has been the cause of a series of deaths of Brits holidaying in Spain.

The anti-tourist signs come after the deaths of three young tourists in Magaluf, fueled by local frustration over tourists causing rocketing housing prices and disturbing the community.

SICK: posters encouraging balconing

Targeting tourists, the messages are in English, with some reading ‘Dear tourist, did you know balconing prevents gentrification, improves neighbours’ quality of life, reduces the risk of heart disease and is lots of fun?’ and ‘Do the balconing! But remember to pay your stay first.’

The movement has also spread across social media, with a Twitter account called @Balconingisfun, posting tweets encouraging tourists to jump from balconies.

The account has since been suspended.

Despite the efforts of locals, Spanish resorts and police are doing their best to reign in the dangerous activity by criminalising it.

Those caught balconing in Magaluf could face fines of up to £535.

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