SEIZED: Lion was in attack position

A WOMAN is under investigation for trying to sell a stuffed lion online.

It comes after Malaga SEPRONA cops found the advert offering the taxidermied lion for €6,000 in Barcelona.

In a sting, police organised to meet the woman to buy the item before seizing it.

Specialists confirmed it was a male African lion and that it was ‘in perfect condition.’

“From the side it doesn’t look very real, but when you see it, with its head and teeth, you know it’s authentic,” said sources from Seprona.

The woman claimed her late father-in-law had killed the animal on a hunting trip to Namibia in the 1990s.

He brought the animal to Spain and kept it in a storage room.

The lion remained there until it was passed on to the woman, who decided to sell it on the classified website for €5,995.

SEPRONA has launched an investigation into the alleged possession and trade of an endangered species and passed the case on to prosecutors.

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