THIS is the shocking moment a tourist was gored and trampled by a bull with flaming horns at a bull fighting festival in Valencia.

Credit: Madera

The footage shows the enraged bull stamp on the 45-year-old man and repeatedly toss him in the air while others attempt to distract it away.

But the bull continued to charge at the man – whose identity has not been released – before it finally moved away and left him motionless in the ring in front of a packed audience.

He is now believed to be in intensive care suffering a blood clot in the brain at a hospital in Zaragoza.

It is thought he will survive and is responding well to treatment despite severe injuries.

TRAMPLED: Bull charges at man

The incident took place at the Bous al Carrer festival (Bulls in the Street) in the small village of Ademuz, in which it is tradition to strap flaming wooden balls to the bulls’ heads as they run through the town.

According to local media this was not the first time the man had participated at the popular festival which takes place every August.

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