THE leader of Spain’s far right Vox party has claimed the ‘reconquering’ of Spain will begin in Andalucia. 

Santiago Abascal posted the message from his political party’s Twitter account alongside a video of himself riding on a horse in Sevilla with the Lord of the Rings theme tune playing in the background.

The 30-second clip shows Abascal galloping alongside cattle ranchers and famed Sevilla matador Morante de la Puebla, who has become the poster boy for Vox in the run up to the Andalucia elections in December.

“The Reconquista will start in Andalucian lands,” reads the tweet, which has since gone viral.

The footage was recorded over the weekend, which saw a Vox rally in Seville’s Palacios de los Congresos on Sunday attract more than 2,000 supporters.

The party presented several candidates at the rally, including ex-judge Francisco Serrano, who is running to oust current PSOE Junta president Susana Diaz.

Vox pushes the message that Spain is under threat from all angles – Catalan separatists, illegal immigration, and attacks on family values – and that Spaniards need to rise up to defend the ‘living Spain’.

A recent rally in Madrid attracted some 9,000 sympathizers, an unprecedented figure for a far right party in the post-Franco era.

The latest opinion survey by the Center for Sociology Research (CIS) suggests that Vox could earn its first ever seat in Congress with 1.5% of the votes at the next general election.


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