TWO Madrid architect firms have joined forces in a bid to design Spain’s National Pavilion for the EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Their incredible design includes an inflatable canopy of nine custard yellow cylinders set within a steel framework.

The ‘breathing pavilion’ design allows two inflatables to move the cylinders up and down to respond to views, light and breeze.

Reinterpreting a typical Spanish plaza, the project includes an elevated square underneath inflatables with room for diverse programming and installations.

According to Arch Daily, the shaded space is is designed to adapt to the climate of Dubai with natural thermal conditioning.

Below, a matrix of large fans will move air to accompany the gentle breeze generated by natural wind flow.

There will also be a restaurant and tapas bar, mixing gastronomic experiences ‘with spatial and sensory stimuli’ – not unlike squares and famous steps across cities in Spain

The pavilion is designed to emit zero emissions with the help of 1,000 square meters of rooftop photo-voltaic panels.

In turn, the design team designed the inflatable deck with more than 80% certified recycled material.

The ultralight pavilion aims to be a more sustainable structure that could be easily removed and transported as it takes on other lives after EXPO.

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