HORROR: The hole the boy fell down is inaccessible to rescuers (PHOTO: CEN)

A DESPERATE rescue attempt is underway in Malaga to save a boy who has fallen down a narrow 330ft well.

The two-and-a-half-year-old, named Yulen, fell down the hole yesterday while playing with a friend, sparking a frantic operation to save him.

Police, firefighters and emergency services have now been on the scene in Totalan for the past 17 hours.

Emotions run high as cries are no longer being heard down the well (TWITTER/@sciab_es)

But with the well being just 25 centimetres in diameter, no one has been able to get down the hole to reach the trapped tot.

There is now no longer any sound of crying coming from the well, amid fears he may have sunk into a mixture of sand and water at the bottom.

Rescuers at the site of the hole in Malaga (TWITTER/@sciab_es)

Rescuers are now fearing the worst and believe he may have become trapped underneath a plug of sand which may give way to a pool of water.

It comes after a camera was lowered some 260ft down into the well but showed no sign of the boy other than a bag of treats he had been carrying.

Rescuers are considering boring a hole near to the well to try and gain access.

A Guardia Civil spokesperson said an investigation has been opened into the events.

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