La Lapa hunting reserve in Sevilla

AN expat is set to appear in court today after allegedly shooting and killing a four-year-old boy during a hunt in Andalucia at the weekend. 

The Italian-Argentine, who has lived in Spain for many years, is believed to have shot the boy with his shotgun by accident on Saturday in Guillena, Sevilla.

The boy, from Ecija, was taking part in the hunt with his father when he was tragically shot on the La Lapa hunting reserve.

A helicopter transferred the boy to a hospital in nearby Burguillos where doctors spent two hours trying to save his life.

He eventually died from the single shotgun wound.

The tragic death has shaken the small town of Ecija, where the boy’s funeral took place yesterday.

His father is well known in the community and runs a private security company while regularly volunteering for the Proteccion Civil.

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