Flu vaccine
JABS: The Public Health Service are still urging the public to get flu vaccinations

THE flu epidemic that has ravaged Spain has now made its way to the Andalucia.

The highest peak is expected in mid-February, with the rate in Malaga now 211 per 100,000.

Although the influenza death toll in Spain has already reached 12, the flu outbreak this year has been delayed by better weather.

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LOW: The number of cases in Malaga is less than Andalucia’s average

In this outbreak the main viruses are both type A: AH1N1 and AH3.

The peak is expected to be less severe than in previous years.

Malaga is below the Andalucian average of 264 cases per 100,000.

Cordoba has the highest incidence rate with 544 per 100,000, while Sevilla has 267 and Almeria 155.

The vaccination campaign has ended, but the Public Health Service still recommend that high-risk groups like the over-64s are vaccinated.

Not to be confused with a common cold, the flu brings different symptoms, including muscle pain, a high fever (38.5-40 degrees) and headaches.

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