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Where did Covid go in Spain?

WHO could forget how strange our lives became on 14 March 2020, thanks to the new virus with the spike protein? We were told...

Covid-19 hospitalisations rise 10% over last week in Spain

THE NUMBER of people in Spain hospitalised with Covid-19 has risen by 9.7% in just a week, while the number of such patients in...

Sales of flu remedies shoot up as Spain hit by major second wave of virus

IF YOU’VE been feeling under the weather these last days, you are not the only one. Spain is currently suffering one of its longest...

Popular medicines used to treat flu, cold under review in Spain over brain disease risks

Hundreds of medicines used to treat colds or flu are under review in Spain due to risk of brain diseases.  The European Medicines Agency (EMA)...

What you need to know as Spain’s flu vaccine campaign officially gets underway

THE Health Ministry has officially launched this year’s flu vaccine campaign across Spain, but who is eligible? And how do you get a jab? Firstly...

COVID-19 boosters and flu vaccine shots ‘doubling up’ in parts of Spain

BOOSTER coronavirus vaccine shots can officially be administered to people aged 70 and over from this Monday(October 25). The date was agreed by the Public...

Record number of 800,000 flu vaccines administered to elderly, pregnant and vulnerable in one month on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALMOST 800,000 influenza vaccines have been given by Valencia’s Department of Health in the last month, beating last year’s entire annual total. Only four weeks...

Elderly urged to take flu vaccine to avoid healthcare system ‘overload’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A region-wide campaign begins on October 5 by appointment only in order to comply with social-distancing regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Flu epidemic admissions increase by 50% in Spain’s Murcia region, with 700 new cases reported daily.

THIS winter’s epidemic of influenza in the region of Murcia continues to spread, with higher numbers than ever being reported. Regional health authorities admit to...

Murcia’s flu epidemic now raging through Spain

HAVING reached epidemic levels in the Murcia region earlier this week, the outbreak of influenza has spread throughout the country. Health ministers in the region...

Flu epidemic in Spain’s Murcia region sees 150 extra medics drafted in to cope with ten-fold increase in cases

EPIDEMIC levels of influenza have been reached in Murcia according to the regional Department for Health. An extra 150 medics are being drafted in to...

Flu EPIDEMIC that killed 12 hits Andalucia but peak will be less than previous years

Malaga is below the Andalucian average of 264 cases per 100,000

Death toll rises to 12 in Spain’s Canary islands as flu outbreak reaches EPIDEMIC levels

Over six out of 10 of those hospitalised with flu in the Canaries are over 64 - the most at risk age category

Flu EPIDEMIC to rock Andalucia next week as illness spreads through Spain

It is moving down through Spain and is already above average in the Balearics, Navarra, Catalunya and Melilla

Flu pandemic in Spain leads to rising death toll

THE number of people in Spain who have died from the flu has risen dramatically. In what is proving to be the deadliest season of...

Hundreds of extra staff called in to battle flu epidemic in southern Spain

ALMOST 500 extra staff have been call in to tackle this year's flu epidemic in southern Spain. The last week of 2017 saw more than...

Flu outbreak in Malaga arrives earlier than expected

Experts believe the numbers infected will increase

Number of flu sufferers is dropping

Only 304 Malaga residents contracted flu in January




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