HEALTHCARE services in Spain are under massive strain right now, with a spike in respiratory infections over the Christmas season.

Increased socialising thanks to Christmas meals and New Year’s celebrations have meant that cases of flu and Covid have been steadily increasing in recent weeks, with the peak of contagions expected to arrive in mid-January, as the effect of Kings’ Day celebrations on January 5 and 6 take their toll.

Masks are made mandatory in Spain's Valencia region: This is where you must cover your face from TODAY amid spike in Covid and flu cases
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To avoid succumbing to one of these infections, follow the advice of the General Nursing Council, who shared nine tips with Spanish daily ABC

  1. Get vaccinated. There is still time to do so, and flu vaccines are recommended by the central Health Ministry for children aged between six and 59 months, as well as people aged between five and 59 years old who are at risk of complications from the flu. 
  2. Regularly wash your hands and use hand gel.
  3. If you have symptoms, steer clear of social situations to avoid contagion. Use a face mask to reduce the risk of passing a virus on.
  4. Use masks in places where there are large crowds, such as on public transport, in healthcare centres and shopping malls. 
  5. Take extra precautions in enclosed spaces and opt for outdoor activities wherever possible.
  6. If you must be in an enclosed space, ventilate those areas as much as possible by opening the doors or windows. 
  7. Avoid sharing personal use items such as glasses or cutlery.
  8. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose with your hands and use disposable tissues.
  9. If there is someone in your home with symptoms, regularly clean the surfaces that they frequently touch.

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