THIS winter’s epidemic of influenza in the region of Murcia continues to spread, with higher numbers than ever being reported.

Regional health authorities admit to around 700 cases a day are now being reported.

Sneeze Woman
EPIDEMIC: Around 700 new cases of flu every day

Figures show that between Monday 20 and Thursday 23 January, 2766 people were diagnosed at public health centres and hospitals.

Only 1823 flu cases were reported in the previous week, representing an increase of over 50%.

Even with 67 people in hospital due to complications with existing medical conditions, the level of epidemic is still considered low.

Nonetheless, an extra 62 beds are being made available at Cartagena’s Hospital Santa Lucia, and ‘as many as are needed’ at El Palmar’s Arrixaca Hospital.

Authorities are reminding the public that flu vaccinations are still available at public health centres and can be bought over the counter at pharmacies.

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