SO TRAGIC: Little Tommy was attacked at his home in Granada

A BRITISH expat has called in police after hunting dogs ‘murdered’ her beloved rescue dog Tommy.

Sarah Hermitage, 65, is furious that her Daschund mix was ‘torn to shreds’ by an out-of-control pack of hunting dogs.

The lawyer is also suing her local hunt, which is specifically banned from entering her land.

The Granada-based expat, who is celebrated for fighting corruption in Africa, told the Olive Press: “I won’t let them get away with it.

“At least 12 hunting dogs came right onto our veranda and attacked poor Tommy. They ripped him apart. Tore him to shreds.

“It is so unfair as he had such a difficult start to life being abused as a puppy,” added Hermitage, “He was a beautiful little soul and didn’t deserve it.

“What would have happened had there been a child standing there?”


HEARTBROKEN: Expat Sarah with Tommy and other dogs

The incident happened last weekend after the hunt charged across her land in leafy Los Guajares, near the Lecrin Valley.

“I came home to find my husband as white as a sheet,” continued Hermitage, who has owned the property for 10 years, having previously lived in Tanzania.

The land around their home has been declared a no hunting zone but that has not stopped local hunters from allegedly ‘terrorising’ the residents that live there. 

BANNED: Sign metres from expat’s home clearly shows no hunting is allowed

“They are shooting guns at night and are baiting around here, all of which is illegal,” added Hermitage, who blasted the local authorities for letting the hunters get ‘out of control’.

Hermitage famously won a libel suit brought against her by Tanzania businessman Reginald Mengi in 2012, after she revealed how he undertook a campaign of harassment that caused her and her husband Stewart Middleton to abandon their farm.

Hermitage has now sought additional legal advice to take on the hunters and police have been informed.

It comes two years after the Olive Press exclusively revealed how Spanish hunters massacred British expat Illona Mitchell’s pack of dogs after she banned hunting on her land.

The shocking assault, also happened in Granada and also saw Mitchell’s horses attacked.

That investigation is still underway with no one having been charged.

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