pedro sanchez
THINKING: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is considering holding an early general election

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is considering calling early elections on April 14, a government source has revealed.

The state-owned Spanish news agency EFE reported the news on Monday, after speaking to an unidentified source.

It comes as the Spanish parliament is set to vote on Sanchez’s 2019 budget on Wednesday.

The ruling PSOE party do not have an overall majority and are supported in government by the Podemos.

This latest news comes after the former leader of Andalucia, Susana Diaz, brought forward the local elections of the region to December 2 last year.

The result of that election was the ruling PSOE Socialist party being kicked out of Andalucia after controlling the region for 36 years.

A right-wing coalition of the PP and Ciudadanos, supported by far-right party Vox, is now in power in Spain’s most populous region.

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