TOURISM: Holidaymakers come to Spain in record numbers

A RECORD breaking number of tourists visited Spain in January, figures have revealed.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), nearly 4.2 million people visited Spain this January, a 2.2% rise from January 2018.

The largest portion of tourists came from the UK with over 800,000 visitors, followed by Germany with over 500,000 and France with a little under 450,000.

Just under 150,000 came from America, representing a 25.5% increase the previous January.

The month also saw a record amount spent by tourists visiting Spain (including travel costs from their home countries) at €4.7 billion.

The most popular destination was the Canary Islands, where 1.16 million of the visitors took their holiday.

The next most popular were Catalunya with 910,000 and Madrid and Andalucia each with over 500,000.

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